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Our goal is to provide the highest quality software products, services, and customer care. Founded by an entrepreneur software engineering professional with extensive experience in business and management, we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.

We are a team of independent consultants and entrepreneurs. Binns and Company Software was created as a forum for seasoned professionals who with ambitions and motivations to make it on their own.

About Bob Binns

Bob Binns founded Binns & Co. Software in 2003.

Bob Binns is a full-stack Web Application Developer and Windows Software Developer, currently living in Sharon, Massachusetts. With over 30 years of Microsoft software development experience, he established a successful consulting business in 2003. Currently Binns & Co. Software provides services and solutions to healthcare, academia, engineering, and other industries. Bob is both driven and self-motivated and is constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques. He is very passionate about Web Development, and strives to better himself as a developer, and the development community as a whole. Prior to this business Bob was a Principal Software Engineer for Instron and Analog Devices and an Engineering Manager at Analog Devices. Bob has a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University, majoring in engineering and computer science, MSEE, BSE.

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Bob Binns

Bob Binns