Consultant Team Resumes

We list resumes of consultant team. Our customers are free to contact them directly or consult with us first. Each covers a different area of software expertise and has experience with project management. Click on the name below for full resume.

  • Bob Binns(Robert Binns) (Software Engineering)
    President and Technical Director of Binns and Company Software, Inc. Continuing work with Sentillion, Inc. and the health care community to provide Identity Management solutions to hospitals throughout the US and Internationally. Author of KaBoom! Popup Blocker. Bob has extensive experience in software engineering, device drivers, real-time programming, instrumentation, Microsoft Windows (ASP.NET/VC#/VC++/Java/J2EE/COM/ATL/MFC/Threads/C++/VB), OOD, and project management. As manager of Analog Devices SoundMAX software, he led the way to millions in increased revenues.
  • Bruce Levkoff (re-Vision - Embedded system development and process improvement)
    An embedded systems software designer for over twenty years, Bruce has designed systems for the Biotechnology instrumentation and testing. In the process he has become a software design methodology expert with has a number of publications to his credit. Bruce has extensive experience with Real-time, multi-processor, multi-threaded automated systems, Object-oriented analysis, design using UML and MDA, C/C++, C++ Builder, Visual Basic, assembly languages, TI 320C class DSP, PowerPC MPC 8245, Motorola 68332, 8051 and multiple derivatives.
  • David Ovadia (Database Architect)
    A principal database designer with over ten years experience. He has led the way in database architecture for Fidelity, John Hancock, DEC, and others. David has extensive experience with ORACLE, SQL Server, PL/SQL, TSQL, ASP, IIS, COM, VB, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Barry Fisher - (Real Time Systems Expert)
    Real Time Systems Network Management. Device Driver Expert (WDM, NT). Complete Software Development Enterprise Management. Structured Analysis and Design GUI Applications.
    Object Oriented Graphics Project Planning/Management. C, C++, FORTRAN, MICROSOFT BASIC, 8085, Z80, 8086, and 80xxx assemblers, SYBASE. Embedded Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris, VMS, SunOS, X Windows, UNIX, DataViews, MSDOS, Novell Netware, ZENIX, RSX-11M, OS9. Motorola PowerPC(8260), DEC Alpha, DEC VAX, MicroVax II and III, DEC workstations, SUN workstations including SPARC, INTEL Pentium, Stratus R5, PDP-11, SEL-32, 8344,Z80, 808x, 80386, Calcomp CGS 4600 display subsystem, IBM PC and compatibles.

  • Christine Saucier (Graphics Design)
    Graphic/Web Designer who has more than ten years of experience in print design, web design/development, multimedia, writing. Designed this web site.