David Ovadia, Principal Database Designer

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126 Harvard Street
Apt B
Brookline , MA 02446

Tel (617) 566 – 9968
Cell (617)794 – 0062


Expertise: Twelve years experience: Strong Data Architecture and Data Management, Data warehousing, Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI), Return On Investment (ROI) data reporting, Extraction Transformation Loading (ETL), Corporate Reporting Strategy, Metadata infrastructures, System Analyses using Mathematical Algorithms, Strong communication skill.

Environment: Financial, Brokerage, Retail, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Medical, Manufacturing, Engineering, Human Resources.

Databases: SQL Server 2000, ORACLE 9i, 8i, 8.0, 7.2, DB2 UDB, 7.0, 6.5, Sybase, MSDE, MySQL.

Operating Systems : Win XP, Unix, Win 2000, Win 2000 Server, NT.

Programming Languages: SQL/TSQL, PL/SQL, VB.NET, JavaScript, VBScript, VBA.

Database Design Tools: Informatica PowerCenter, ERWIN, Power Design, SQL Enterprise Manager.

Reporting: Cognos, Business Objects, Access Reports, Crystal Reports, ActiveX Custom Reporting Tools, Variety of self designed flexible reporting techniques.


11/05 – Present, Jenzabar inc., Boston, MA

Data Architect/Database Designed

Designed and implemented a corporate data warehouse. Responsibilities included physical design, logical design. Identified data sources, designed and implemented an ETL architecture. The development cycle included Testing, QC monitoring and auditing utilities. Designed and implemented a comprehensive Web environment. Web Environment included end user reports, WH administration, WH processing management, these components were developed using a self designed authoring architecture for quick and easy generation of actual web pages.

S/W: SQL Server 2000, SQL, TSQL, Stored procedures, ASP.

08/05 – 10/05, Trip Advisors, Needham, MA

Data Architect/Database Designed

Responsible for development of marketing and finance high end ad-hoc reports. Built physical data schema and developed data procedures.

S/W: SQL Server 2000, SQL, TSQL, Stored procedures.

 10/04 – 07/05, GetConnected inc., Boston, MA

Data Architect/Database Designed

Responsibilities include full software development life cycle for the corporate main finance system. Filled a key role in requirement collection and documentation via teem walkthrough and approval, Authored design documents facilitated walkthrough and signoff, built physical data schema and developed data procedures.

Design includes a data mart reporting environment and a sub transactional environment.

S/W: SQL Server 2000, SQL, TSQL, Stored procedures.


8/04 – 9/04, Broadwalk Marketing Group inc., Maynard, MA

Data Architect

Responsibilities included new data architecture of a marketing clearing house operation and assistance in the ongoing data loading (ETL) and reporting tasks

S/W: SQL Server 2000, SQL, TSQL, Stored procedures, IIS, ActiveX COM, ASP, JavaScript, HTML.

 5/03 – 7/04, Network Video Systems, Brookline, MA

System Architecture

Responsible for the architecture of a network video security and monitoring system. Network Video Systems is a startup company focusing on real time video streaming within networks and over the internet. My responsibilities included Corporate management system design, product management system design, system setup architecture and design implementation. Created an architecture that enabled users to view and manage remote video security systems over the internet. This multi tiered system utilizes data, metadata, business logic and self designed HTML authoring layer My involvement spanned over the full development lifecycle and deliverable.

S/W: SQL Server 2000, SQL, TSQL, Stored procedures, MSDE, VB.NET, IIS, ActiveX COM, ASP, JavaScript, HTML.

 4/01 – 4/03, Analog Devices Inc, Norwood, MA

Data Architect/System Analyst /Programmer

Was Responsible for architecting and implementing an Automation/Information system for a release software development group. My involvement with the project covered the full development implementation lifecycle. System was developed on a SQL Server platform, Browser Web based interface. The system includes the core business data with additional independent components, including:

Knowledgebase –Independent datamart architecture virtually links to any existing standard database, API wrapper, absolute META data driven. Knowledgebase architecture includes a variety of advanced search methods, such as hyperlink type relationships, multi level virtual association to database entities, keyword and text based filtering.

Remote User processing – Enables global users (of the system) with no network (VPN etc.) connection , using basic email capabilities, to make full use of an internally connected DBMS. This unique architecture relies on widely available basic technologies.

Security - Implemented highly functional, detailed and flexible independent security architecture. Security Architecture is completely META data driven.

Reporting Environment – Developed a reporting architecture that enables easy snap-ins of new report components. Reporting architecture was designed to be flexible and scalable.

Responsibilities also included, group instruction on general data-storage and data extraction methodologies, I have also introduced advanced data modeling techniques. The architecture relies heavily on META data, thus reducing code maintenance overhead. Introduced Industry wide unique innovations. Implemented routine backup and maintenance plans. Implemented data extractions, transformation and loads (ETL) into a data mart.

S/W: SQL Server 2000, SQL/TSQL, ASP, IIS, COM, ColdFusion, JavaScript, HTML, XML, XSL.

 8/00 – 3/01, Circles Inc, Boston, MA

Data Modeler/Marketing Analyst /Programmer

Circles Inc. provides On Line Concierge Services I was responsible for architecting a data mart in a SQL Server environment for an On Line Order Management System. The motivation for the data mart was to provide return on investment (ROI) data in dollars and sales volume, the requirement was to measure the delta changes of sales volume and revenue as direct affect of isolated business activities (marketing, advertising and public relations expenses), averages were calculated within a certain delay factor guideline (from the time of the marketing activity). The data mart in conjunction with a flexible web based reporting engine was highly instrumental for business decisions (BI). Also developed supporting extractions, transformations, and loads (ETL) processing using PowerCenter.

S/W: SQL Server 7.0, Informatica PowerCenter, IIS, COM, ASP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, XSL.

 5/00 – 8/00, Evergreen Funds, Boston, MA

Database Architect/Marketing Analyst /Programmer

Responsible for designing and implementing a fund marketing decision support system. The purpose of the system was to evaluate the sales affected by improved user experience and enhanced services. Responsibilities included architecting the data components for the data mart reporting environment. Architecture included ETL processing to map and load data and transformation functions into the data mart.

S/W: ORACLE 8i, PL/SQL, Informatica PowerCenter, Cognos, Java, Java Servlets, JSP, EJB, WebLogic server, JavaScript, HTML, XML, XSL.

 5/00 – 7/00, John Hancock, Boston, MA(Off site)

Database Architect /Programmer/Analyst

IT reporting and data warehouse - I was responsible for creating a series of complex reports off a ‘time management’ SQL warehouse. ETL type processes were implemented in order to populate the warehouse. BI Reports implemented advanced querying including multi-level processing and data cross tabbing. I was also responsible of customizing a feeds from SQL server to the main-frame.

S/W: SQL Server 6.5, Business Objects, Stored Procedures, Enterprise Manager, MS Access

 8/99 – 5/00, Digitas, Prudential Tower, Boston, MA

Database Architect /Programmer/Analyst

MIS & Finance & HR reporting. My responsible included architecting a data warehouse and supporting (ETL) management programs. Supporting programs included scripted vast data-loads and data cleansing, API like PL/SQL simplified data extraction and reporting using advanced querying techniques. Implemented Temporary table environments, Dynamic SQL, Virtual Tables, Multi dimensional data cubes and cross tab data. Designed a web based Salary Review management tool using ASP web scripting running on IIS web server. Designed flexible VB reporting environment.

S/W: ORACLE 8.0, Cognos, Informatica PowerCenter, SQL Server 7.0, 6.5, Java, JavaScript, ASP, IIS, COM, VB 6.0, PL/SQL, ActiveX Controls, Windows API.

12/98 – 8/99, John Hancock, Boston, MA

Database Architect /Programmer/Analyst

MIS & HR reporting system - I was responsible for architecting and implementing a data mart. Responsibilities included also data loads and data mapping off a SQL server transactional environment. In the process I have used advanced SQL techniques to maximize performance.

S/W: SQL Server 6.5, VB 6.0, MS ACCESS 8.0, Enterprise Manager (SQL server), ActiveX Controls, Windows API

6/98 –11/98, MGH Boston, MA (Off-Sight)

Database Architect /Programmer/Analyst

Physician procedure utilization system - Responsible for designing and implementing a database warehouse applying statistical techniques within the healthcare medical industry were physicians were evaluated for medical procedures utilization and cost, in this project metrics were set by comparison to a variety of benchmarks.

Data was collected from a variety sources including mainframe output, user entry and other. Data was loaded cleansed and transformed (ETL) while applying statistical functions and aggregates.

S/W: MS SQL Server, VB 6.0, MS Access 8.0, Windows API

 1/99 – 5/99, BFDS Quincy, MA (Off-Sight)

Database Architect /Programmer/Analyst

Y2K Inventory Database - I was responsible for designing a Y2K Inventory tracking and reporting system. S/W: VB 6.0, MS Access 8.0, Windows API  

7/97 –11/98 Fidelity Brokerage, Boston, MA

Programmer/Data Analyst/Business Analyst

QA Entry tracking system- I was responsible for developing a Web UI using ASP/IIS Technology. System implemented a highly flexible self-designed reporting engine. Error report tracking system- Designed and implemented server side procedures on an ORACLE database running on a UNIX box. Brokerage transaction Reporting - I was responsible for developing a UI connected directly to the brokerage mainframe DB2 database through a Securities Order Entry Application- I was responsible for enhancement of a Web UI connected directly to the brokerage mainframe.

S/W: ASP, IIS, VB 5.0, ORACLE, DB2 UDB, MS Access, ActiveX Controls, VBA, Windows API

 4/97 -7/97 John Hancock, Boston, MA

Database Architect /Programmer/Analyst

Automated Testing Systems. I was responsible for the analyses, architecture and implementation of a life insurance illustration testing program.

S/W: SQL Server, MS Access 8.0, VB 4.0, VBA, Windows API

 12/96 - 4/97 Scudder, Stevens & Clark, Inc. Two International Place, Boston, MA

Database Architect /Programmer/Analyst

Fund Performance Analysis. As a database architect, I was responsible for the design and implementation of a data warehouse for Mutual Fund comparison and analysis, in this process multiple fund performance raw data sets were collected and transformed via home grown SQL ETL processing into a data warehouse architecture, statistical functions were then applied to data hence simplifying report generation.

S/W: Sybase (backend warehouse), MS Access (front end reporting), Windows API, VBA,

06/96 - 12/96 Fidelity Capital Markets, World Trade Center, Boston, MA.

Database Architect /Programmer/Analyst

Project objective: Automation and enhancement of the brokerage reporting system. As a database architect, my responsibilities included process flow analyses, data architecture and implementation of the system, data was extracted from multiple data sources across the capital market division.

S/W: ORACLE 7.2, DB2 UDB, SQL Server, Sybase, VB, MS Access, VBA,.

 04/96 - 08/96 Digital Corporation, Taylor Street, Littleton, MA (Off Sight)

Database Architect /Programmer/Analyst

As a System Analyst/ Programmer, I was responsible for designing and implementing a data mart reporting management system.

S/W: ORACLE 7.0, VB, MS Access, VBA

10/95 - 03/96 Rockport Trade Systems. Gloucester, MA

Programmer/Data Analyst/Business Analyst

As a member of the R&D teem I was responsible for developing a retail trading system. This system included logistics, shipping, pricing, storage and exchange rates modules. System front end was developed in Jam (C like coding environment). Responsibilities included business analyses, front end and database.

S/W: ORACLE 7.2, Jam (Jyacc.)

10/95 - 08/96 Digital Corporation, Maynard, MA (Off Sight)

Database Architect /Programmer/Analyst

As a systems analyst/developer I was responsible for the analyses and development of a system that imports raw data, cleanses the data normalizes and maps data it into a relational database. Responsibilities included back end data architecture, front-end entry forms and advanced reports.

S/W: VB, ORACLE, MS-Access, SQL Server

07/95 - 10/95 Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA

Database Architect /Programmer/Analyst

Project objective: Automation and analysis of life insurance illustration data. Responsibilities included raw data cleansing, importing and mapping into a well structured relational database model.

S/W: ORACLE, VB, MS-Access, OLE Automation

06/94 - 07/95 Parsons Brinckerhoff, Boston, MA

Programmer/Data Analyst/Business Analyst

Project Tracking System. Project Manager Control System. Legal Commitment Tracking System. Employee Training Tracking System. Office Inventory Monitoring System .

S/W: VB, Crystal Reports, ORACLE, MS-Access

09/92 - 08/93 Julia Richman High School NYC


Served as a teacher for Mathematics in a NYC public high school.

 03/92 - 08/92 Melbourne GSI NYC

Securities Account Executive
Was certified with series 7 and series 63 of the SEC for securities trading within Wall Street security industry.
Served as an account executive on the company’s floor.

Military: 1983 - 1986 Israeli Air Force

Controlled and supervised in an operations-control room.


1986 - 1990 BS Mathematics, HEBREW UNIVERSITY, Jerusalem.
1986 - 1990 BS Physics, HEBREW