Bruce Levkoff

re-Vision Development

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Bruce Levkoff
34 Arboro Drive
Sharon, MA 02067

Embedded system development and process improvement.

Technical Proficiency:
• Real-time, multi-processor, multi-threaded automated systems.
• Object-oriented analysis and design using UML and MDA.
• C/C++, C++ Builder, Visual Basic, assembly languages
• Processors (recent work): TI 320C class DSP, PowerPC MPC 8245, Motorola 68332, 8051 and multiple derivatives.
• Reusable software design and development
• Analog signal processing
• Motion control and coordination
• Interrupt-driven communications (RS-232, I2C, SPI)
• Bit-mapped graphics design and implementation
• Developing Windows-based tools to assist electro-mechanical development, testing, and manufacture.
• Electro-mechanical system integration and debugging.
• PC-based data acquisition and control system development.
• Ability to read electronic schematics, use ICE, oscilloscope and logic analyzer.
• FDA-compliant process and documentation for PMA and 510K, including Software Quality Assurance Plan, Requirements Management, Hazard Analysis, Verification and Validation, Configuration Management, COTS Management, reviews and audits, and release procedures.
• Risk assessment and hazard mitigation for class III FDA/CDRH devices.
• GMP compliance and training.
• InstallShield
• Excel macros for code generation, automated data collection and data analysis.
• Software project rescue.
• Software development project leadership

9/03-Present: re-Vision Development, Sharon, MA. Software consultancy. 8, 16, and 32-bit processor projects in the fields of medical and process instrumentation. Clients include Texas Instruments, Thermo-Electron, BioScale, Cytyc, Invensys, Pathfinder Solutions, Primera Biosystems, and Haemonetics.

5/01-9/03: Invensys Corporation, Foxboro, MA. Manufacturer of process control automation equipment.

Position: Consulting Engineer. Software lead on Digital Coriolis Flow Meter. Meter wins Best New Product of Show from ISA. Working with researchers at Oxford University to bring research technology to market. Assisted initial customers with on-site installation.

Technology: Motorola MPC 8245 (powerPC) running vxWorks RTOS. Object-oriented solution using C++. FPGA as secondary processor for flow tube control and data acquisition. Worked on all stages of processor board start-up and configuration as well as complete software design and implementation. Extensive hardware and FPGA debugging. vxWorks BSP including PCI bus. HART communications.

8/94-5/01: Cytyc Corporation, Boxborough, MA. Manufacturer of cervical cancer screening test and equipment.

Positions: Principal Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer. As hands-on software project leader, brought industry-leading products to market. Designed and coded architecture and major system components. Developed FDA compliant development process. Ultimately managed 4 in-house software engineers, 1 software QA engineer, and 4 contractors with $125,000 per year out-sourcing budget. Trained field service and manufacturing personnel in mechanical and electrical problem detection. Extensive travel to off-site consultancy to assist in software development.

Technology: Fully object-oriented solution written in C++. 4 Motorola 68332-based microprocessor boards, each with an AD2181 DSP capable of controlling up to 8 axes of motion, networked over CAN using MQX/M multi-processor real-time kernel. 23 total axes of motion. Precision pneumatics, solenoids, and an ungodly number of digital and analog sensors. Bar code scanning. OCR scanning, Shlaer-Mellor object-oriented analysis. Developed Shlaer-Mellor architecture to support analysis constructs. Outsource and debug custom TCP/IP device driver. Utilized Labtech Notebook for pressure sensor performance analysis. Developed Microsoft Access database for requirements capture, later converted to RequisitePro. Microsoft Project for scheduling and task management. Borland Delphi used for prototyping robotic motions. Borland C++ Builder used for Service and Manufacturing support software and other auxiliary programs.

First generation technology: 8051 assembly language. Precision pneumatic control. PID motor control. Run-time interpreter and sequence compiler. Table-driven user interface. Manufacturing support with data collection and analysis using Windows DDE between Microsoft Excel Basic and Crosstalk. Hired to rescue the project after the one software engineer left.

1/90-8/94: Haemonetics Corp. Braintree, MA Manufacturer of blood-processing equipment.

Positions: Plasma Engineering Manager, Manager of Software Support (continuing software development), Senior Software Engineer. Introduced software design to the company. Created a general purpose software architecture used on multiple, FDA approved products.

Technology: Intel 80186, PC architecture. C/C++. State machine and table-driven user interface using bit-mapped graphics and context-sensitive help. Motion control using LM629. Analog signal processing and algorithm development for blood sensing. Tools developed to ease hardware development and user interface design. Software watchdogs and hardware safety interlocks for hazard mitigation.

9/88-1/90: Clinical Information Advantages, Inc., Waltham, MA. Developer of intelligent systems for the physician.

Position: Software Engineer. Team member in a start-up working unbelievable hours to create a speech-recognition device for medical transcription.

Technology: Windows SDK. Dragon speech recognition software, database, and on-board fax. Development of speaker-independent models and context-sensitive recognition. Wrote medical knowledge parser. Business-saving bug eradication.

12/84-9/88: Ciba-Corning Diagnostics, Medfield, MA. Critical care instrumentation.

Position: Senior Software Engineer. Team member working on common software and hardware architecture for multiple simultaneous product development.

Technology: Motorola 68000 running VRTX RTOS and proprietary table-driven software architecture. Measuring blood-gases and electrolytes. Interrupt-driven I/O. C and 68000 assembly language. Motion control. Temperature-sensitive ion-selective electrodes.

2/83-12/84: IBM Instruments, Danbury, CT. Woefully under-supported foray into the scientific instrumentation business.

Position: Instrumentation Engineer.

Technology: Benchtop nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer. Complete software development and maintenance for PC-based and embedded NMR. Fast A/D electronics debug and rework. Simple communications interface circuit design.


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BA Molecular Biology, Colgate University
MS Biomedical Engineering, University of Connecticut.