Barry O. Fisher
370 Stafford Street
Charlton, MA 01507

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position which utilizes my experience in Software Development and Project Management.

Real Time Systems Network Management
Complete Software Development Enterprise Management
Structured Analysis and Design GUI Applications
Object Oriented Graphics Project Planning/Management

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
1975 Graduate level studies in Underwater Acoustics
1978 - 1982 Various courses pertaining to Operating Systems, Distributed Processing and Computer Networks, Database Design and Effective Briefing Techniques
1983 Yourdon Structural Analysis and Design
1994 Introduction to SYBASE SQL and Fast Track to SYBASE
1998 Windows NT Kernel-Mode Device Drivers Seminar
Windows Win32 Driver Model(WDM) Device Driver Seminar
2001 C++ course given by Northeastern University
2002 Walter Oney WinXP Drivers Seminar

Motorola PowerPC(8260), DEC Alpha, DEC VAX, MicroVax II and III, DEC workstations, SUN workstations including SPARC, INTEL Pentium, Stratus R5, PDP-11, SEL-32, 8344,Z80, 808x, 80386, Calcomp CGS 4600 display subsystem, IBM PC and compatibles.

Embedded Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris, VMS, SunOS, X Windows, UNIX, DataViews, MSDOS, Novell Netware, ZENIX, RSX-11M, OS9

C, C++, FORTRAN, MICROSOFT BASIC, 8085, Z80, 8086, and 80xxx assemblers,


Analog Devices, Norwood, MA
Senior Software Engineer
-Responsible for design and implementation of custom feature modifications for audio device driver across multiple Windows operating systems (Win2K, WinXP, Win98, WinMe) using Window Device Driver Model (WDM).

-Team Leader for Integrated Audio Group. Responsibilities include coordination of efforts for six member team of senior engineers which includes new feature development for customer base, timely problem resolution of any customer issues, and periodic software release of device drivers across all supported platforms.

-Completed the first phase of team reorganization to streamline the process of prioritizing customer issues, fixing software, and releasing new code base to customers.

2001 - 2002
Seranoa Networks, Concord, MA
Principal Software Consultant
-Responsible for design, development, implementation, and test of various Linux device drivers for a proprietary networking product running an embedded Linux kernel. The hardware base includes a PowerPC (Motorola 8260) and an Intel IXP1200 StrongArm processor.

-Provide senior technical leadership for junior software development engineers.

2000 - 2001
Natural MicroSystems, Framingham, MA
Principal Software Consultant
-Responsible for design and implementation of call control load test software for new generation of PCI and Compact PCI multiport station board. Tests supports various programming models (e.g. multithreading and multiprocesses) to stress new software APIs and hardware under different conditions. Test code also simulates PBX functionality. This product is supported on NT, Windows 2000, SPARC Solaris, and Linux. Have provided complete software support for this product including software installation (InstallShield on NT and scripts on UNIX), bug fixes, and integrated system testing.

-Have also provided support for kernel level device driver problems on NT, WIN2K, and UNIX.

1999 - 2000
The Foxboro Co., Foxboro, MA
Principal Software Consultant
- Responsible for design and implementation of modifications to process control software to interface Foxboro's Field Bus Modules via Ethernet on Windows NT and SUN SOLARIS using standard Ethernet hardware and device drivers. Understanding of TCP/IP protocol required.

1997 - 1999
Waters Corp., Milford, MA
Principal Software Consultant
- Responsible for design and implementation of modifications to kernel level device driver on Windows NT to support company’s newly developed PCI hardware.
- Responsible for design and implementation of two new kernel level device drivers on Windows NT for new product.
- Responsible for design and implementation of functionality to support an optional analog/digital I/O card which provides communication to external data collection systems for Waters new chromatography analysis system. This required in depth knowledge of the application(written in C++).

1998 - 1999
Instron Corp., Canton, MA
Principal Software Consultant
- Responsible for design and implementation of kernel level device driver(supporting DMA) on Windows NT using an existing Win95 VxD as the baseline for the design. This driver will be used with the company’s proprietary ISA hardware and will also support a new PCI implementation as well.

1996 - 1998
Natural MicroSystems, Framingham, MA
Principal Software Consultant
- Responsible for design and implementation of modifications to kernel level device drivers on Windows NT and OS/2 to support company’s newly developed PCI hardware.
- Worked closely with hardware engineers to develop utilities to test the newly
developed hardware, to enumerate PCI devices and test PCI thruput.
- Implemented modifications to support the MVIP-95 Switching Protocol in OS/2 device
- Designed and implemented a custom linker which links user determined DSP files for download to NMS hardware.

1996 – 1996 Harmon Technologies, Inc., Westford, MA
Principal Software Consultant
- Design and implementation of embedded real-time application using OS9000.

1994 - 1996 The Foxboro Company, Foxboro, MA
Principal Software Consultant
- Responsible for design and implementation of control software which interfaces Foxboro's Field Bus Modules on two new platforms ( SUN SOLARIS and Windows NT )
- Designed, implemented, and tested NT and Solaris 2.4 kernel level device drivers to interface with Foxboro’s proprietary I/O hardware. Knowledge of NT and SOLARIS DDK was required.
- Designed, implemented, and tested a C++ application used to configure NT Registry
entries for an ISA card which interfaced the PC to Foxboro’s Process Control hardware

New Bedford and Taunton MA Campuses
Computer Science Department Instructor
- Responsible for teaching various introductory Computer Science courses.

Manager of Applications Engineering
- Managed two person department which applied company's data warehousing product for various customers in the Process Control Industry. Department also responsible for developing custom applications.
- Responsible for project management for company's major Biotech installation at Burroughs Wellcome in East Greenwich, RI. Successfully delivered custom graphics application in very tight schedule.
- Developed object oriented graphics engine which interfaced to data warehouse product and provided graphical interface for those customers using DataViews.

1993 - 1994 TRANSACTIVE CORP. Coventry, RI
Principal Software Engineer
- Led development effort of On-line Transaction software which was incorporated in
company's Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) product which is installed in the state of Texas.
- Contributed to proposal efforts to acquire new EBT business.

1992 - 1993 VISTA MICROSYSTEMS, INC. North Attleboro, MA
Principal Software Engineer
- Providing senior consultant leadership for design and implementation of client's existing product onto third party hardware platform using OS9.

1988 - 1992 B & B CONSULTANTS, INC. North Attleboro, MA
Vice President, Principal Software Engineer, Project Analyst, Project Manager
- Responsible for the design, specification, and implementation of company's first Supervisory Process Control product called CIMACS using DataViews. Installed product in Midwest Oil Refinery.
- Initiated and acquired Independent Software Vendor agreement with Stratus computer.
- Developed a proposal for the consolidation and management of computer systems for Fidelity Investments of Boston, MA. Initial approval given for the project.
- Developed a Network Management proposal for Bell Atlantic of Frazer, PA.
- Responsible for product marketing and customer lead management.
- Managed several time critical client projects with successful results.
- Obtained Manufacturing Partner status with Lotus Development.

Senior Software Engineer
- Helped marketing define the functionality of a network management system for Avanti's T1 multiplexing devices.
- Determined the hardware and software base for the product.
- Assisted in putting together demonstration package for a major T1 trade show.
- Developed a PC based sales demonstration package of company's newest line of T1 networking equipment.

1986 - 1987 MEMODYNE CORPORATION Needham, MA
Senior Software Engineer
- Responsible for the design, development, and implementation of software used in the company's line of thermal printers.
- Developed a PC based demonstration program which allowed sales representatives to demonstrate the product.
- Developed C software test program which resided on a PC and tested the printer firmware in one forth the time.

1985 - 1986 RAYTHEON, SUBMARINE SIGNAL DIV. Portsmouth, RI
Senior Software Engineer

1982 - 1985 THE FOXBORO COMPANY Foxboro, MA
Lead Systems Engineer, Systems Engineer

Lead Engineer

Lead Project Engineer, Software Engineer

1998 – 1999 IEEE Providence Section Executive Committee Member
1999 – Present IEEE Providence Section Vice Chair and GOLD Chairman
Member of Cape Cod Technology Council