Bob Binns (Robert Binns), President and Technical Director

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Thank you for you interest in Binns and Company Software. I bring nearly 30 years for software development experience to the table.

I have just lauched sso-solutions.com: Solutions for Sentillion Single Sign-On in Healthcare. Leveraging my seven years of experience with Sentillion services and core technologies, sso-solutions can bring expert consulting services to the Sentillion user community.

My latest assignment has been working with Sentillion, Inc. developing identity management software for Healthcare IT.  This has been recently purchased by Microsoft Heath Solutions Group (HSG). My role has been to write custom software to remote control all kinds of existing applications for Single Sign-On and Single Patient Synchronization (Context Management). This involves windows internals techniques at all levels. These included Active Accessibility, Hooking, API Hijacking, Screen Scraping, Document Object Model (DOM), and Window sub-classing.  I have also done some work with SQL Server / Oracle databases designing patient mapping agents.

I have extensive experience in software engineering, device drivers, real-time programming, instrumentation, electronics, Microsoft Windows (VC++/COM/ATL/MFC/Threads/VB/.NET), OOD, and Management.  I am currently developing Windows XP, Windows CE embedded / Pocket PC applications.

Please see my web site and attached resume for further information.  You may also find resumes of some colleagues on my web site.

I am willing to bid on a project or hourly basis.  For larger projects, I can bring my own team of engineers to develop your product from start to finish.  


Lead / Consulting position leveraging my extensive experience in Healthcare Information Technology, Software Engineering and Project Management.

Professional Experience

Binns and Company Software Professional Consultation Services

Established Binns and Company Software, Inc. to provide professional consulting services and software products (http://www.binnsware.com).

Established sso-solutions.com to provide expert consulting services to hospitals worldwide using Sentillion / Microsoft Identity and Access Management software.

Software Consulting Highlights:

Sentillion (Microsoft Health Solutions Group) (Andover, MA.) – September 2004 – Present

  • Leading integration role for joint VA and DoD Hospital, James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (http://www.lovell.fhcc.va.gov/about/index.asp).  This first of its kind hospital servicing both veterans and military service.  Project involved integration and development of clinical HL7 Web services from both organizations.  Applications from both VA and DoD were integrated on the desktop with seamless integration that included Single Sign-On and Single Patient Selection (Context Management).  Worked with several other vendors including the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, SAIC, Carefx, Vangent, and Lockheed Martin.
  • Designing and developing leading edge Identity Management software for Health Care Security Systems (Vergence and expreSSO product lines).  This includes implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) and Single Patient Selection (Context Management) for major hospitals across the country and internationally. 
  • Designing and enhancing wizard technology for automatic code generation of Single Sign-On and Single Patient Selection.  These technologies allowed the user to point and click at application controls and inputs, and generated code that would be used in an enterprise environment to automat login and other application workflows.
  • Adapting applications to meet HIPAA, HL7, and CCOW standards.  Developing software using the Visual C++/ Visual C#/ JavaScript/ Java/ COM/ ATL/ .NET/ HTML/ XML and the latest OOD techniques.  Employed techniques such as Active Accessibility, Hooking, API Hijacking, Screen Scraping, Document Object Model (DOM), and Window sub-classing.  Designed and implemented reusable components for CCOW Context management and Text Output API Hijacking.
  • Designed and developed a standard State Machine for Modeling Single Sign-On (SSO) and Single Patient Selection (Context Management). This model code is now used in most all implementations of Sentillion Identity Management solutions today.
  • Writing C# .NET DLL Class Library to inject a DLL in third party .NET application for the purposes of exploring and controlling .NET forms.  Required use of Forms, Controls (various types), Type, Reflection, COM Interop, Visual Studio 2003, Visual Studio 2005.  Some portions in C++; .NET mixed language experience.
  • Writing server application for the purposes of performing database queries for Patient Mapping Agent (PMA).  This was used to synchronize patients across various applications.  Data was queried from an EMPI database.  Using C#, C++, ASP.NET. IIS, Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10.  Also developing a Java Servlet version of the PMA with JSP, Sun Java, JDBC, J2EE, Eclipse, Java NetBeans IDE.
  • Writing a Sun Java to Windows API Bridge to allow communications between and control of Java applications from MS Windows client software.  Java components were injected using Active Accessibility hook and the Java Native Interface (JNI) was used to perform the Bridge.  Java Accessibility, AWT, Swing, Java Reflections, JNI, Eclipse, Java NetBeans IDE, and MS Visual Studio 2005 tools were used.


Illumina-Interactive (Dedham, MA.) – 2007 - Present

  • Developing back end database connections for web site customers.  Integrating innovative front end designs and transforming them into finished web sites. Technologies include ASP.NET, PHP, XML, XML Query, ASP, JavaScript, jQuery, VBScript, HTML, DHTML, XSLT, CSS, and Adobe Dreamweaver CS3.  
  • Ported / re-factored / enhanced a production website from PHP to ASP.NET.  Website tracked and analyzed physical activity in study participants and produces extensive reports / charts, (http://www.stepintomotionstudy.com). Added several new features as needed.  Technologies include Linux, PHP, ASP.NET, PHP, XML, XML Query, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, DHTML, XSLT, CSS, and Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Visual Studio 2008, C#, Windows Server 2003, IIS, SQL Server 2005, SQL Queries, and Stored Procedures.
  • Other web site enhancements as needed.


Instron Corporation (Norwood, MA.) – June 2003 – August 2004

(See previous job experience for further details about Instron)

  • Developing Windows CE Embedded Applications for instrumentation control panel driving a laboratory test instrument for measuring stresses / strains / strengths of various materials:

    Development was using Windows CE 4.2, using an AGX XSCALE board from applieddata.net.  Developed using Visual C++ and MFC.


Major design and coding tasks on the project:

  • Overall software architecture and design
  • Real Time and post test Graphics Module
  • Reporting and Calculations
  • Touch Panel interface
  • Push Button / LED front panel interface
  • Printer interface, using 3rd party drivers
  • Data Persistence. USB Stick, detecting presence, saving test data
  • Internationalization (English, French, Chinese Traditional and Simplified)
  • Installation, Inf files, ActiveSync
  • Platform Builder (Configured various language builds for testing).


  • Designing and developing leading edge software and device drivers for their premier product line (Blue Hill).  Developing using the Visual C++/COM/ATL and the latest OOD techniques.
  • Successfully enhancing their software product to interface to a new Test Instrument via a USB interface.  Complete project under budget and schedule.
  • Supporting activities enhancing existing Windows Device Drivers and Applications using ATL/COM components.

Various Project Work

  • Sentillion based consulting (direct to client).  Worked directly with Sentillion clients to assist with custom software.
  • Developed KaBoom! Popup Blocker, a popular free download on download.com and other sites.
  • Various projects in Windows Software Development and Windows CE Embedded development.
  • Developed a Graphic Scientific Calculator program for Window Mobile 5/6.  Using C++ / MFC.  Working on a new GUI using .NET forms.  Built for both Windows Mobile PDA and Windows XP (same source).  Beta available for download on my website:
  • Software customizations / branding of KaBoom! Popup Blocker.

2000 – May 2003 Analog Devices, Inc. Norwood, MA
Software Engineering Manager
SoundMAX Integrated Audio Group


Leadership Experience:

Leading a team of engineers sustaining, supporting, enhancing, and releasing Microsoft Windows Device Drivers and applications for integrated audio components. Managing, prioritizing, and assigning customer requests from all accounts. Customers include Intel, IBM, Compaq, HP, DELL, Gateway, Asus, Sony and others. These audio components (CODECs) were designed to the Intel AC97 specification to be included with on-board chipsets from Intel, Via Technologies, ALI, SiS, AMD, and others. These software products were pre-installed on PC platforms running Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP, and OS/2. Millions of units were sold each year.

Raising profit margins over 2 million dollars per quarter over a 2 year period. This was during a time when most businesses were cutting back or dissolving.

Directly managing a growing team of 11 (consisting of device driver engineers, Install engineers, Windows developers, and release personnel). Growing the total team from 5 to 13 during a time when most businesses were shrinking. Interviewing and hiring new employees as necessary. Writing and delivering performance reviews. Decision making about priority and direction taken with ongoing issues.

Managing an extremely short cycle (1-3 week) of product releases of 3 major driver products (WDM, NT4, VxD Drivers and associated applications). Software and device driver releases were done on demand to meet the ever increasing needs of the PC industry. Reviewing technical information and release notes sent out with each release. Directing the design and implementation of database and automation systems to handle the ever increasing need for software releases; this was accomplished without increase in staff.

Managing cross site product sustaining, development, and releases. This includes direct collaboration with partner firms, contract agencies, and other ADI locations. Coordinated teams from Japan, Taiwan, UK, and various locations across the US. Managing the integration of software components from these sources for test and release. Establishing and tracking schedules for product enhancements and software delivery to customers.

Participating on cross functional management team comprised of Applications, Test, and Software engineering managers. Together working to coordinate schedules to deliver software solutions to our customers.

Establishing, enhancing, and documenting internal processes for handling customer requests, problem solving, and driver releases to address them. With product release team, establishing process improvement initiatives that track and increase productivity measurably.

Directing the development of database and automation systems to aid in the group’s daily business. Status reports being used on a daily basis to make decisions and drive the business. Using database reports to improve the processes and automation systems. The group’s throughput and quality measurably improved by orders of magnitude this 2-3 year period. Reports from this data are used by management teams at weekly meetings to review the customer requests.

Preparing and delivering presentations for both internal audience and customers. Delivering software presentation to Japanese market winning over substantial new business from Sony and Toshiba.

Technical Experience:

Writing and reviewing software designs, specifications, proposals, and other documents. Recommending corrections as necessary. Occasionally working on various software development tasks including WDM driver enhancements, audio applications, various customer tools, and installation. This using a variety of development tools: Visual C++, Visual Basic, MFC, ATL, COM, Visual Source Safe, Install Shield, Soffront Track Web, Win32 API, Win 32 (Platform) SDK, DDK, NuMega Soft-ICE.

1984 – 2000 Instron Corporation Canton, MA
Principal Engineer

Leadership Experience:

Leading team of software engineers for ongoing support and development of Instron’s premier software product (Merlin). Organizing schedules and budgets. Leading a series of on-time and on-budget projects. Working with Software Quality Engineers to develop a successful software process. Participating in cross-functional business teams to develop product development plans (both long and short term). Working closely with Customer Support Center to solve problems. Interfacing with all company departments to resolve any issues. Brought software from marginal profits to a company success within two years. Introduced cross-functional work team concepts to group. Overall technical leader of the group. Advising on designs and designing software. Writing technical specifications, proposals, designs, etc. Acting as technical consultant / leader on other software projects throughout the company.

Technical Experience:

Developing software using state of the art modeling and requirements tools. Using Rational Rose Modeling (CASE) tool to architect new premier testing software. Interfacing with Caliber RM requirements management and Mercury testing tools. Using full design methodologies (Rational Rose and Rational Unified Process). This includes: Requirements, Use Cases, JAD, OOA, OOD, UML. Also have experience using Select Enterprise CASE tool. Have attended training courses for these products.

Developing Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 Software applications using a variety of tools: Visual C++, Visual Basic, MFC, ATL, COM, DCOM, FrontPage, MASM, Visual Source Safe, Install Shield, PVCS Tracker, Win32 API, Win 32 (Platform) SDK, DDK, ActiveX, OCX, NuMega Soft-ICE, HTML, XML, ADO, COM+.

Designing and developing both custom and standard software products for the purposes of automating laboratory testing in the areas of material science, automotive, and mechanical engineering. Applying expertise in the areas of Software Architecture, Real Time Data Acquisition, Control, and Signal Processing in interfacing Instron equipment to computer systems. An example application would be a Road Simulation system so that new vehicles could be road tested “in place” without leaving the factory. Frequently interfacing with hardware and embedded firmware development projects.

Designing and implementing Device Drivers for Windows 3.x / 95 / 98 / NT / 2000. Designed Windows 95 / 98 Virtual Device Driver (VXD) and Windows NT / 2000 Kernel mode Device Drivers for a high rate HDLC communications link. This was developed for custom designed ISA and PCI boards. This used Interrupts and DMA Bus mastering. Implemented using Visual C++, MASM, Windows 3.x / 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 DDK, Win32 SDK, NuMega Soft-ICE, and WinDebug. Designed and implemented ATL COM interface for driver to MS-Windows VB and VC++ applications. Leading team of two contract programmers to assist in completion of the task.

Developing MS-DOS and Windows 3.x applications and drivers (using 16 Bit in MASM, C, Fortran, Visual C++, Borland C++, and Win31 API). Lots of great experience in these and other ancient and forgotten arts.

1979 – 1984 Various Positions

Software Engineer

Various entry level positions via the Northeastern University Cooperative Education program. This included programming in Basic, Fortran IV, Fortran 77, COBOL, Pascal, and Assembler. Applications varying from financial to engineering / scientific. Programming on IBM 360 mainframe systems, Digital Equipment Corporation VAX 11 / PDP 11 system. Also did some microprocessor programming in assembler.

Joining a startup after graduating that developed an aircraft laser mapping system. Wrote real-time aircraft data collection system in assembler code using a popular microcomputer at the time. Worked with scientific staff to develop / enhance software to generate maps from the collected data. Also performed on-going maintenance and systems management of VAX 11 computer used for software development.


1993 Northeastern University Boston, MA
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

• Majoring in Signal Processing and Control systems. Studying primarily DSP applications.

1983 Northeastern University Boston, MA
Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Honor
• Tau Beta Pi, Dean’s List
• Personally financed 100% of education costs.

Frequently attend courses and seminars in engineering, software, and management.